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What's in Profitable Performances Newsletter? Tips, ideas, and advice to performers. These tips are not just marketing related. They can be performance tips, or real life stories of performers who make money with their art. Subscribers can also win Free Gifts!

What's the purpose of Profitable Performances Newsletter?
   1. To show how MagicBase can help users to make more money.
   2. To provide general marketing tips and advice (unrelated to MagicBase)
         that any performer can use.
   3. To provide useful information and links to other sources for performers interested in
        Marketing their service.
   4. To offer general performance suggestions and stories.
   5. To help put the PRO in Profit!

Who's it for? This newsletter is specifically made for variety artists such as magicians, clowns, jugglers, ventriloquists, hypnotists, puppeteers, comedians, story tellers, and music soloists.
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Free Gifts!

The free gift this month is THREE FREE SONGS FROM PALOMA MAGIC.
These three songs are royalty free. They are made by a magician for magicians and other performers. The songs are from the Magic of the Moor CD When you subscribe, you'll automatically receive download instructions and a password.

Any subscriber to Profitable Performances News, whether an owner of MagicBase or not, is eligible for a free gift. Gifts will be tricks, videos or something else. So, watch for special offers in Profitable Performances Newsletter.







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