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*This is only 8 of the 11 moves in the routine.


Reviews of RR&S





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Genii magazine review of Relentless:


Genii review

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Sexy Magic Reviews gives it 4.5 out of 5 :


"When I first saw this routine, it was on VHS many years ago. This is the type of routines that you don’t see young magicians performing anymore. Now Bob Miller and DJ Ehlert has updated this routine with many ideas and moves. You will be getting a shoelace, the original booklet of this routine in softcopy, a vest topit pattern and some essays on working tables; these are found in the CD-Rom part of the DVD.
The routine is basically a finger ring coming on/off a piece of shoelace in different ways. This is a modular routine whereby you don’t have to perform the whole routine. You can stop the routine midway in situations like when the food arrives when performing in a restaurant. There is no gimmick in the routine and you can even borrow the ring and even the shoelace.
This DVD is packed full of information and ideas. Routines using rubber bands with the ring, shoelace routines derived from rope moves and ring to card box are also taught (just to name a few). When you learn this routine and the moves in this DVD, you will be able to mix and match the moves to come out with your own routine. Besides the ring affiliated routines, silk magic and card magic with pearl poodles are also shown.
This is probably an “old-school” routine but I think this is a classic and all close-up magicians should learn. If you have never learn a ring and string routine, this is a very good DVD to start. Highly recommended. Rating 4.5/5"



Reviews of the original:
     The Relentless Ring & String Routine:

"Highly recommended- excellent effects, superb descriptions, geat value for the money!"      
       Linking Ring

"an excellent finger ring and string routine..This is good magic."            
       M-U-M Magazine

"...strong sequences... nice package... makes the learning as easy as possible... The Relentless Ring & String Routine is certainly worth the money."

"...one of the best teaching tapes I've ever seen... this is a video well worth your consideration."

Doug Henning also bought The Relentless Ring & String routine. Read his note.

"All of your moves are masterfully done."       Fantasio

"Your Fisher Ring move is strikingly
      Gregory Wilson

"Relentless has become my Favorite Routine"              
      Rick Reid

"...your ring & string routine has become my everyday, best loved trick."   
      Byron Maddox

"First let me say I love your Relentless Ring and String Routine. Nicely presented and perfectly routined."    

"Your DVD is very detailed and your performance, awesome! "
       Steve Schneider, OH

"Hey Bob, I finally decided to show my version of the Relentless routine. With only two showings, I managed to get eyes popping and jaws to drop with your routine. The last time I performed it was yesterday. The lady I did it for was my wifes best friend. She said it was a freak. Later she said that the routine got better as it went along. Thanks for putting this together."   
       --Leland Eiben

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